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Pricing Questions

$20 per month, what's the catch?

No catch. For $20 per month, you get instant access to the POURWALL tap manager, custom beverage editor, and sharing widgets for Facebook & web.

What about "other" costs?

Rest assured there are no hidden costs. $20 per month grants you access to everything required to manage a digital menu in your shop and across the web. We're beta testing a few add-ons for added functionality.

What are add-ons?

We wanted a created a platform which fufilled the needs of the majority of our users. For advanced usage senarios, we've developed add-ons which you may enable or disable at anytime from your billing page.

How can POURWALL help me?

Most bars, breweries, bottle shops, and coffee shops in need of a digital menu board will benefit from running POURWALL. Get started today and receive access to:

  1.  Your menu, optimized for display on an HD television
  2.  Quick beer menu management powered by Untappd
  3.  Manage an unlimited number of custom beverages
  4.  Consumption metrics to understand customer trends
  5.  Menu display customization options
  6.  Real-time menu updates for your Facebook Page
Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. Send us an email at